Infrastructure & Facility

Spread over a total plot area of 12,150 square meters and a built up area of 100,000 square feet, SIL's state-of-art manufacturing facility is located on the Old Khandsa Road, Kherki Daula Gurgaon, a center for excellence for the manufacturing and assembly of all the products that SIL proudly offers to its customers.This ultra modern facility boasts of a fully automatic Pamasol aerosol filling line having automatic coding and shrinking machines and a fully automatic Coven filling line having Sollas overwrapping machine. The plant has a current capacity of producing 60 million aerosols, 35 million EDPs and EDTs and 3 million tubes per year.

The Warehouse facility at SIL is equipped with world class modern racking systems for empty cans, valves, caps and finished products. The facility is also equipped with Special temperature controlled rooms for safe storage of sensitive fragrances and chemicals. Apart from this, the warehouse also has a separate storage area for safely stacking duty free goods. For handling of materials at the warehouse, there are dedicated fork lifts and pallet trucks for efficient material management through the facility.

The LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) plant at the facility is equipped with 2 bullets having a capacity of 5 tonnes each. Here the Pre and Post filtration levels are controlled with the help of 4 separate filtration columns, and multiple physical filtrations during the process are undertaken with 5 microns and 3 microns filters. The LPG plant is fitted with seamless pipes to avoid any leakage of gas, and there are sensors installed at multiple points to check any leakage during the process. The automatic sprinkler system is also installed at the unloading dock and storage tanks for added safety precaution at the plant.


  • Fully automatic Pamasol aerosol filling line with automatic coding, shrink machines.
  • Fully automatic perfume filling line from coven along with Sollas autowrapping machine.
  • Safe rooms installed which are fully fire resistant as per international norms.
  • Dedicated flame proof AHU's for differet rooms to maintain clean room and ambient temperature conditions in the facility.
  • Epoxy flooring throughout the facility.
  • 12,500 Square Metres
  • 12,000 pallet places
  • High capacities
  • Expanded R&D
Current yearly capacity
  • Aerosol - 48 Million
  • Liquied (EDT/EDP) - 14Million
  • Laminated Tubes - 03Million


  • Dedicated state of the art stores equipped with moden racking systems for empty cans, valves, caps and finished products.
  • Special temparature controlled stores for sansitive fragrances and chemicals.
  • 2 Alcohol tanks with capacity of 16,000 liters each with our 60 storage tank in manufacturing area.
  • Dedicated fork lift and pallet trucks in the efficient material management through the facility.


  • 2 bullets with capacity of 5 tonnes each.
  • Pre and Post filtration levels with 4 separate filtration columns.
  • Multiple physical filtration during the process with 5 micrins and 3 microns filters.
  • Use of seamless pipes to avoid leakages of gas with multiple sensor points.
  • Automatic sprinkler system at the unloading dock and storage tanks.


Stella setup its own greenfield project in 2013, Casablanca Industries Pvt. Limited Casablanca is the first fully automated, aluminum aerosol can making facility in the country with an installed capacity of 120mn can. Located just 30km from Stella Indusstries. This has been the biggest facility in the country. This has helped all our customers to reduce timelines as well as cut down of costs. Stella took over Spray Tec India Limited in the year 2013.

For the past three decades, the Spray Tec Group has been the final word in the Indian Aerosol market. Our group has gone from strength to strength in India, Literally defining the new-age industries reqisited of Aerosol in spheres like Insecticides, Deodorants and other sprays. Presently, our business encompasses over 2 / 3rds of the domestic Aerosal market, as we lend our expertise to premier Indian companies in creating aerosol valves and Sprays caps, dispensing pums and fine mist spray pumps among others.

We collaborated with Europeon / South - East Asian international market leaders. This allows us to tap into their pioneering technology and work with others premier multinational corporations in this sphere. With benchmark-setting international equipment sources from Germany, France and others, exceptional commitment to quality and great service, we have maintained our niche in this competitive market scene. In india, if you think Aerosol, Think Spray Tec!