Manufacturer of different type of aerosol and cosmetic product by maintaining good quality to fulfill the customer requirement, which will be safe, reliable and cost effective for human beings. Provide products and services that enhances customer satisfaction conforming to the customer requirement as per statutory / regulatory requirement. Continual improvement of products, processes and systems to enhance the quality of the product.

Continual improvement of work environment and upgrades the skills, competence and efficiency of employees by providing training, motivation, and resources, which will be achieved through the dedicated, determination and discipline of the employee to comply the quality management system.


  • State of the art Quality Control Lab as per Good laboratory Pratices.
  • Dedicated Microbilogy Lab.
  • Dedicated Stability room.
  • Equipped with all the mordern lab equipment like Gas Chromatography, Spectrometere etc.
  • QA and regualtory department for extra vigilance.